24 February 2012

Badhti ka Naam Zindagi – Axis Bank Advertisement Analysis

Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi
Jindagi Ke Picture Mein Interval Nahe Hota ... What you say guys. Since I started my carrier I haven't saw any Interval in my life. Day by day I’m getting busy to buzziest, has been achieved few goals and missed some. In true sense today's life is just like "Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi"

Axis Bank launches new brand campaign "Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi" conceptualized by Ad agency Lowe Lintas, the new campaign aims to highlight the Bank as a preferred partner in progress.  The journey of 21st century common man portrait in such way that anyone can emotionally attach to new Axis Bank advertisement.  Jindagi Ke Picture Mein Interval Nahe Hota ... Axis Bank ...Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi

What a Concept "MAA Muze Naukri Mil Gayi Maa to My resignation and journey towards entrepreneurship”  Credit must go to creative director who has design the story board and purposefully portrait common man journey from Young to Middle age. So far every leading financial brand focussed on after retirement situation or early old age benefits. These new adverts of Axis bank differ here. Indian young generation are very vibrant, very active and self-motivated. They are family oriented who are holding decision making ability and tremendous purchasing power.

The Director Voice between story line is icing on the cake, hats off to Lowe Lintas team, how smartly they have used common English words which are prominently used by an every Indian in their day to day life (camera, Action etc  etc). This Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi is truly a Hinglish Ad and Lowe Lintas succeed to get connected.. DIL SE.  Brand Philosophy to celebrate life’s each milestones with the help of AXIS bank penetrate viewers mind.

The repositioning of Axis Bank from ‘Aapka Solution’ to ‘BADHTI KA NAAM ZINDAGI’ is an important milestone and critical process.  Axix bank core competencies excellently featured in this advertisement as "Axis Bank celebrates your every success as a stepping stone for the next one". “BADHTI KA NAAM ZINDAGI… or PROGRESS ON… is truly reflecting brand AXIS. We have seen UTI Bank to Axis Bank Face-off and how smartly and aggressively they launch in 2007.  Lowe Lintas have done good job for repositioning of Axis Bank from ‘Aapka Solution’ to ‘BADHTI KA NAAM ZINDAGI’

Agency: Lowe Lintas
Account Management: Anaheeta Goenka / Indraneel Ghosh / Rajesh Salvi / Shrey Bhatia / Suchismita Hota
Planning: Arun Raman / Gursimran Singh
Creative Team: R Balki / Arun Iyer / Amar Singh / Prathamesh Gharat / Nandkishore Sale / Manoj Kolaskar / Abhay Desle / Paresh Panchal / Tejas Dangre / Joshua Thomas / Sarfaraz Siddiqui & Team
Client Team: Axis Bank- Manisha Lath Gupta, Sagnik Ghosh, Saurav Parmar, Samir Khandelwal