28 March 2012

SEO Coaching Class in Pune

SEO Coaching Class
While working with learning catalyst, I have come across with different type of students & marketing professionals. Everyone would like to kick start their online marketing career in a short time, without analyzing their own strengths and industry expectations and join SEO coaching class. This day’s digital marketing happens to be a next door BOMB SHELL. After analyzing few students and professionals, I have arrived on few outcomes which make me speechless.

Why every another student wanted to be a Digital Marketer? Few business models have built Rome overnight.  Every another blogger declare himself founder, co-founder, CEO, MD bla  bla bla. Do they really have the gut fillings to produce sustainable business model? I’m not blaming them; it’s a natural human psychology which has created bubbles.
How one should start their career with Digital Marketing and find efficient SEO coaching class? As an aspirant online marketer, you should start analyzing search engine landscape and the functionality of search engine algorithm. Being SEO learner you should invest your 80% time on qualitative reading and 20% time on applying your knowledge on self-created blog. Most of the SEO training centers design their course wire around off page optimization tactics, which happens to be a donkey work. Being a time frame, few off page optimization tactics slashed out from the practices and few kicked of by search engines. None of the SEO coaching classes teach new aspirant from the marketing point of view.

While selecting your SEO coaching class you should analyses your faculty education background, their past experience and ask for previous students contact number. While asking past student about their experience with SEO coaching class and faculty caliber, you must ask him or her about their practical exposure to SEO since course completion. You should ask SEO coaching coordinator about syllabus and freeze the points, being a time SEO faculty skip few major course content. While solving the case study being a SEO learner you should ask them feedback and best industry practices.

These days lot of SEO coaching classes mushrooming in Pune. You should ask SEO coaching class for faculty interaction before paying FAT fees. How promote is your SEO faculty will decide his assistance to you not for SEO course time but after completion of SEO course. What kind of study material SEO coaching classes going to provide you, one should ask.  With My next post, I will guide SEO aspirants how to create SEO course check list.