03 April 2012

Digital Marketing Imperatives for Health Insurers

Digital Marketing for Health Insurance
While drafting digital marketing strategy for DSIJ.IN forthcoming insurance segment and researching on proposed co-branding activity for India’s biggest health insurance company, I have found few imperative.  While interacting with few samples we were analyzed their perception on health insurance and how they approach online health insurance online content (consumption pattern). Outcome ... the health insurers, broadly, are lagging in key digital marketing tactics that could help them reach a new generation of customers. The health insurance industry has been slow to adopt digital marketing when it comes to communicating with customers and customer service.

Here are 5 Digital Marketing Imperatives for Health Insurer

Build Opt-In Database:
Lot of historical marketing data has dump, rejuvenate it. Broader classification and segmentation help to pitch the specific product. Go for opt in list approach build your sales funnel.  Awareness to consideration and consideration to action which is the flow need to adopted by health insurer digital marketing head. 

ME ON GO … Mobile Mania:
Here in India we have lot of reasons to greet our TG, adopt festival and event association strategy with smart marketing messages. (Celebrating Health Day, Child Day etc.)

Enabling Social Agents: 
Social Agents is one of the best viral mechanisms available for health insurer, how you implement it smartly and engage your community around your offering makes the difference. Money Control Facebook fan page is the best example for BSFI segment.

An Affiliation Way:
Since long time I have try to convince Indian digital marketing community to take on affiliation seriously. This is the best way to extend your digital sales force and reach out our TG through your strategic business partner.
Claim Organic Position:
SEO is in your plate already, here you need little creative in terms of content. Sharing content matrix is the key which help health insurance brand stand out in organic competition.  Apollo Munich video content is one of the best content in market these days.

Health insurers who are proactive in adopting digital branding best practices can close the awareness gap and drive more health policy sales through internet marketing.  According to Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) reports, more than 90% of Indian population is uninsured these days. But the Health Insurers aren’t connecting with likely target audience at those times is because they're not where people are communicating. There's a terrific opportunity for Health Insurers, but they need to jump on digital bandwagon and build a multichannel digital marketing strategy.