09 April 2012

Social Media for After Sales Support

In my last article Digital Marketing Imperatives for Health Insurers I had written about the importance of digital marketing for insurance companies.  In the advent of digital age, every business model must use social media and digital communication not just for promoting products or services but for the customer supports and sales after queries.  Social media and digital communication always put you on an upper hand.

Herewith I would like to discuss with you, one realistic case which happens with me last week. I have opted for ING Vyasa life insurance policy since last four years.  When an investment queries has started floating around year end, like every other tax payer I was chasing my investment partner to get the updated statements for financial year.  Being course I dropped one email to ING Life for my life insurance annual certificate in the month of 30th January 2012 even I have posted my query on ING LIFE Facebook Page; I have wasted next two weeks for waiting their reply and finally visited their office and collected my statement for the cost of three productive hours.  After more than two months I have received ING life mail…  LOL :)

The above case is the best example, not just the small businesses but big giants like ING also far behind to adopt social media and digital communication practices. While promoting DSIJ.in on various social and digital platforms, I have come across with lot of after sales queries and few complaints. I have taken care to reply them immediately and assured them to provide quick solution to their problem within stipulated time.  I have given training to our CSR team to handle the digital media for sales support.

While handling unsatisfied customers problem on social media and digital communication, you need to be a very patient and same time very authoritative. Assurance with reaction time need to be pitched logically and deliver the promises on the time is the key to success in social media and digital communication sales support.  While replying complaints on social media, keep in mind other fellow members keeping watch on your reply, you need to be polite and must clear you position without hard hitting words. Here is one example of our social media support activity. 

These days your consumer use social media and digital communication platform extensively, they would love if you present on it. While pitching your sales calls you need to assured them good support. I had very bad experience with DELL India & LG India Facebook fan page support.  The biggest brand’s social media managers easily ignore their customer complaints or revert after long time. While handling sales support on social media and digital communication you need to reply very fast and win your customer faith. Lot of customer get frustrated cause ignorance or delay in after sales support.  Prepare yourself to handle complaint on Social media and digital communication platform and be the king.