16 May 2012

Ab Ras Barsega

Since long time I haven’t put any campaign analysis here on D-Hawk, last two months was really busy around me, while working on different projects at DSIJ and mentoring few online marketing aspirants.  Yesterday while watching IPL I came across with ‘Ab Ras Barsega’ Katrina Kaif Slice advertisement.  I was stunned, My eyeballs concentrated at ‘kats’ stats rather than advertisement “Ras Grahana”  …  I was thinking if this advertisement made for  Kamas Sutra (Condom) rather than  Mango Sutra then it might be rocked in terms of profit making.

I don’t want to put myself in to big debate over success of “Ab Ras Barsega” Campaign, this campaign has been created buzz and succeed to engage community (Male Dominant – Brand Engagment).  The biggest questions are what about Brand Positioning and Brand Penetration.  Do slice brand manager really want to extend TAP or just being happy over SEXY ad creation and time period buzz. Here with I would like to share few Youtube channel and FB fan page comments on Ab Ras Barsega advertisement campaign.

“This Ad Target All Male! - IN a way Really damn Hot and good Concept hot Seduce Us By Kat Beauty! But the Main part was her Hot Belly + Navel! Now a Day Sexual Theme are Common on TV! Which make All the Male ! Fap Fap..... Right!”

The Above comments suggest everything, ‘Kats’ sexiness overshadows slice sweetness.  While brand endorsement and story board writing one should keep in mind about brand extension and brand properties.  Why Parle Argo’s “Mango Frooty” is still favorite in masses. In the decade of 1990’s they position Mango Frooty as family drink. The campaign was started by targeting 3-12 year age group and over the time period they have been nurturing Mango Frooty as family drink. A very smart brand positioning and brand extension.

Brand nurturing here in India is very challenging process, you should understand culture and family values if you want to enjoy long term brand loyalty. 

No more analysis … Enjoy SEXY KAT