19 July 2012

Display Advertisements Vs Performance Marketing

It's been a very busy two months in the learning phase of Google DFP and Dot-nuke CMS for me since my last blog post. Display advertisement learning add 360 degree curve to my online marketing knowledge base.  So far my online marketing journey has been getting through rigorous assignments from affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Management to GUI design and now Display Adverting.  Bhavik (DSIJ SBU Head – Online Sales) has taught me basic of Google DFP and then on I have learns Double Click Ad Exchange and Google Ad Sense.

My abundant knowledge to affiliate marketing helps me a lot to learn display adverting gimmicks in a short time. Digital marketing knowledge helps me to optimized advert inventory and click through, CMS knowledge help me for better ad slot placement. In short I have managed to increase our display adverting revenue by 300% in two months only.  

Since couple of month I have received calls from few leading Indian merchant about Affiliate Marketing Management. Indian online market is really in nascent stage for affiliate business model. Marketing managers just concentrate on impression mechanism to show something on paper as performance proof.   Does display advertisement is the only choice to spend your dime; being aggressive marketer don’t you bother about conversion.  Where does performance marketing fit in your integrated marketing approach? Let’s have a look on following stats.

Reference to above stats, any one can easily interpret the paradigm shift in online advertising.  Then have you ever seriously think about performance marketing possibility for your business model.  Utter to my Surprise few of Indian merchants has started judging “performance business model” without understanding their own business life cycle just to meet with sales targets.
Indian eCommerce Industry badly need a kick start with affiliate marketing, someone need to put serious thoughts on it. So far only Manish Vij sense opportunities in this space by investing in DGM-India after Letsbuy sell out to Flipkart.  Last week my training workshop for India’s upcoming Jewellery & Diamond eCommerce portal for affiliate marketing given me an opportunity to dig this space once again and analyzed the KPI’s  for Indian continent. Stay tuned here on D-Hawk I’m going to publish few insights related to affiliate marketing business model (context to Indian eCommerce industry), Affiliate tracking software reviews & Affiliate marketing management strategy.