06 December 2012

Digital Branding - Differentiation & Positioning Strategy

How we can afford being same on marketing strategy and creative front which will decide brand positioning and differentiation.  In the digital marketing space every brand has tried to come up with so aggressive on digital creative front to approach TG. I have been associated couple of year with big BFSI brands and their digital acquisition strategy. Throughout the digital branding execution I came to know that how important is creative differentiation while approaching same TG.

In my recent research on Personal Finance Space, I have studied top notch players integrated digital marketing strategy. Yesterday I have received bunch of mails from all leading players along with their offer.  Within offers and creative front I have noticed top industry players have been used same product message, same creative, same approach & same deliverables.

I am wondering how big banking brands like HDFC & ICICI chosen same white label partner, same creative agency, which results in the same sales ripple.  

At this stage we need to define where and how a brand should be active online with creative differentiation. This needs to be balanced against the findings that came from mapping out the brand culture and more specifically.
  • Where the audience is online
  • What kind of creative content will being produced 
  • The resources available
Through the digital channels a brand has the possibility to move into loyalty phase. Here you can explore the possibility of your brand delivering high level of engagement by providing top notch digital creatives for their customers that are either driven from the core of the brand or taking opportunities from the peripheral edges.