06 July 2013

The Most Innovative LinkedIn Campaign - Most Fashionable Professional (Van Heusen)

As social media is evolving day by day consumer brands align their branding and acquisition strategy with social networks.  Here in India the social buzz words are just revolving around Facebook and twitter.  So far very few Indian brands have come up with any strategic campaign for LinkedIn platform, which considered as serious professional network.  

Most Fashionable Professional (Van Heusen)
My own experience with LinkedIn wasn't fruitful.  I have tried wealth management product on LinkedIn when I was working with Dalal Street Investment Journal.  Now at Bajaj Finserv we have tried stamp & text ad for lending products with selected corporate, even we haven’t got any response for awareness campaign as well.  I was little skeptical about LinkedIn output both for awareness and performance oriented campaign.  We think in a very conservative way to go live on LinkedIn, I was thinking some innovative idea how to cash LinkedIn professionals & surprisingly I came across with a fantastic campaign on LinkedIn by Van Heusen - Nominate the Most Fashionable Professional in your network  (http://fashionableprofessionals.com). 

Some Learning from the Campaign: 
  • The theme of the contest has perfectly crafted after in depth study of the professionals behavior on LinkedIn 
  • Nomination idea is good but not a great, on professional network  like LinkedIn 86% of connections with we never interact face to face, on what ground we should nominate
  • We love ourselves; it’s a natural human psychology. If  contest owner design contest core mechanics around self nomination and voting invitation for his her network connection I think this contest would get huge response
  • Technical  Aspects – All alternative tabs are designed in I frame (Content flow restrictions)  
  • Design Aspects – The photographs used in creative’s align to western country, for Indian campaign brand agency must follow Indianization  feel 
  • Content  Aspects – Content is very penetrative, specially Expert speak, There is a huge scope in style tips section 
  • Market Research Aspects - Through this campaign brand will come up with very interesting  consumer interaction pattern & preferences where they can use for up coming consumer promo.
  • Going ahead being a brand owner one should consider cross social platform integration (Facebook to Linkedin)  
Most Fashionable Professional - LinkedIn Campaign

Alas !! this is the most innovative and lucrative campaign recently I have come across on linkedin, thump UP >>>  

Don’t forget to Nominate the Most Fashionable Professional in your LinkedIn network (http://fashionableprofessionals.com). 

Let me think something on similar line for lending product, will come up with my own case study next time for you guys …. Stay tuned