24 May 2015

Coma The Doof Warrior a Blind Guitarist Look Likes Social Media Channels

I feel like I am going mad over movie MAD MAX: Fury Road, was accidently landed in theatre, icing on cake it was 3D show …. Speechless, Splendid. The craftsmanship and creativity displayed here is what deservers out money. The fast-paced movie about a post-apocalyptic future that’s low on precious resources sure has a whole lot to love. The characters were memorable and everyone has their favourites, but there’s one stranger who has grab my attention and also a buzz in the industry … Coma The Doof Warrior.

Coma the Doof Warrior, a.k.a. the crazy dude in a red onesie who’s rocking out with a flamethrowing guitar.  Whose happens to be a cheer leader for Immortan Joe’s forces to pump them up and, in turn, intimidate their enemies, but aside from knowing why he’s there and getting a good look at his attention-grabbing design, the movie never tells us who he truly is?

Don’t you think your social media channels playing the same role as Immortan Joe’s cheer leader The Doof Warrior playing for his militia. Let me put some common characteristics between Doof Warrior & social media channels. 
  1. They are focused
  2. They provide value
  3. They are well branded
  4. They are measured
  5. They build trust
  6. They build relationships
  7. They are well organized
  8.  They are consistent
  9. They are memorable
  10. They lead from the front 
I am highly impressed with the character Doof Warrior; I have sensed social media channels can play Doof warrior role in integrated digital marketing strategy this days.  Social media channels would be your marketing campaign cheer leaders, they must have create noise to build confidence in other channels & the same time they have to frightened competitors. The liveliness and capability to build relationships would be most desirable elements for each social media channel as the Doof Warrior have.