02 May 2015

Is Your Online Reputation Stand Out?

It was a pretty long inning with Bajaj Finserv. I have associated with BFL more than two and half year, the journey was fantastic, working on India’s first digital lending engine taught me people and process management in depth. I was passive on my professional Digital Branding Blog for quite some time, as my employer policies does not allowed professional blogging. Uhh,  … don’t get confused, I am free bird now.  29th April 2015 was surely an important day of my life, what a fantastic farewell that was.

First time in my life I have realized what is the important of one’s reputation in the social & personal life. The cross functional teams and departments was so keen and shared hue’s & cue’s happened over the last 30 months & how I was perused by them, I was stunned. While exchanging personal email & cell number, I was stated, please google “Sujay Khandge” you will find everything about me. Oh that wasn’t a Ranjani style “yenna rascala”, but honestly I have placed very well in search engine (Organic result) due to last eight year work has done around brand Sujay Khandge, is this called Digital Reputation Economy? 

Fostering the right online presence in digital age is very important, every digital business started data driven decisions and offering. Are you looking for personal loan? If have not managed LinkedIn profile, you will not fund by lenders, yes you hear it right. In near future not only your financial history & bank statement but digital reputation would play an important role.  Big data, digital presence & online behavior going to decide your digital reputation in near future. Those who have maintained their LinkedIn profile and active on it, they must have visited the tab “People viewed your profile in the past 7 days”. Checking each time this tab without fail, what does that stand? This is natural human psychology to like to get notice and stand out from crowd. This is so called “Reputation Management” and managing it digitally would be very important for each individual & businesses this days. 

What does people find when they google you? Are you trapped in “Rajesh Varma” syndrome? The famous TVC of godaddy India “Rajesh Varma” is a classic example of online reputation management.  Secure online identity or creating it, nurturing and retrieving the same would be a critical process. 

Digital reputation is power, it will open n number of possibility to get noticed, connected and famous. I will surely come up with my insight for online reputation management which fit to Indian culture and economy, that will help creating the presence you want, and making sure people can find it. 

I have come across with very good resource, through which you can build digital reputation management for you or your business. In The Reputation Economy, Michael Fertik, CEO of Reputation.com, explains how you or your business can optimize your digital reputation to succeed and prosper in a world where your reputation is as valuable as the cash on your corporate or personal balance sheet.

The Reputation Economy: How to Optimise Your Digital Footprint in a World Where Your Reputation is Your Most Valuable Asset