10 July 2015

Google Gmail Postmaster Tool, Sturdy Road Ahead for email Marketing Mavens

Google launches Gmail Postmaster Tools to eliminate spam. A wake up call has alarmed by Gmail almost 3 years back for email marketers. Google Gmail is now using the same artificial intelligence developed for Google Search and Google Now to fight Gmail spam. The algorithm are so strong now, which can easily detect customer intent towards received & upcoming communications on Gmail.

Gmail Postmaster Tools

From consumer perspective, anything which will provide close to human experience & their intent would have first choice, as google search (organic) achieved. With advances in machine learning, the spam filter can now reflect these individual preferences. Consumer will be happier if their organic search intent & style start reflecting in Gmail too. 

I think the sophisticated Gmail Postmaster Tool trying to control over email marketing ecosystem and protect commercial interest of google display.

In My Views: 

  • The machine learning make the Gmail spam filter more awesome, now the tool will help email marketers to design their campaign on prescriptive logic rather than predictive carpet bombing 
  • The engaging content with customer intent and likeliness, if match along with email deliveries, you will test the bomb success (even for the lead generation campaign)
  • Asking customers to re-land on your web properties, align with brand play, from that point the close loop communication again with Gmail will assign better authority to your domain  
What else, one more skill set (Gmail Postmaster Tool), being digital marketer add one more feather to your cap.