30 January 2017

Cloud Application Management Platform – Velocity Technology Solution

While searching for Cloud Application Management Platform for one of my client, I have came across with Velocity Technology Solution. For my initial queries, team velocity extended a helping hand beyond a simple proposal. I have found them to be highly professional. Their complex business process understanding and solution approach is really amazing. I highly recommend them. 

Velocity is uniquely positioned to provide clients with hardware and infrastructure needed to ensure a robust, scalable and secure environment for optimal performance of enterprise SAP products, enabling browser-based access to SAP applications from anywhere. Each data center - from location and accessibility to power density and redundancy - is designed to guarantee its security, resiliency and efficiency.

Velocity has partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring you a cloud management platform purpose-built for enterprise SAP. Velocity’s Cloud Management Platform, VCAMP, is built to manage SAP applications at AWS.
  • VCAMP(Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform) enables businesses to receive all of the benefits of SAP applications ‘out-of-the-box’ with no project to manage in as few as 5 hours.
  • The architecture and deployment of the SAP application through VCAMP leverages the AWS foundation of EC2 instance availability of 99.999%, delivering consistently higher SLAs at the application layer.
  • Dynamic application scaling, elastic consumption and intelligent analytics deliver optimized resource utilization and an integrated view of both infrastructure and application resources.
  • Predictable monthly SAP hosting and managed services fee. SaaS SAP hosting model via Partner Managed Cloud Program membership.
  • Senior Teams of SAP hosting and functional consultants in the US, UK, Singapore & India