31 July 2017

Understanding Different MLM Business Plans

It’s been long time I have not manage to put any blog here at Digital Hawk. Since last quarter we have got chance to work with one the Leading MLM software Company, Ventaforec to improve their organic ranking.  MLM business in new to me, while working on affiliate marketing since last 12 years, somehow I have started getting some basic understanding about MLM business. With this post I have tried to put some basic MLM plans information. 

MLM Business PLAN

Those intending to start an MLM business should ideally start off by acquainting themselves with the best MLM plans in the market. After all, Multi-Level Marketing plans are pretty much the whole and sole of a direct selling business. While a number of MLM software providers offer lucrative schemes to buyers, almost all fail at supporting a wide range of MLM plans. Take a look at the varied plans of MLM software alongside their many benefits:
  1. Binary Plan: One of the most popular plans in the market, Binary works on a 2:2 structure i.e. each distributor carries two spots under him that further split into the right and left legs. This plan is easy to understand as each person only needs to pull in a minimum of two distributors below him. However, due to the spill criteria each contributor’s income stays unlimited! 
  2. Matrix Plan: Matrix is another popular plan that works on a pre-fixed structure. For e.g.: Binary is a 2:2 matrix. Similarly, business owners can operate 4:4, 5:5 or any other combination of Matrix plans. 
  3. Board Plan: Board plan works in a rectangular format similar to a board. When a new member joins the network, he is placed in the first board or Feeder Board that follows a 1-2-4 or 1-2-4-8 structure. On completion of the chain in the Feeder, the member moves to the second board or the Main board, where he earns himself the due commission. 
  4. Generation Plan: This is considered to be the strongest plan for compensation and earnings in MLM. In the Generation Plan, all the directs of the sponsor are considered on the same level regardless of their entry in the business. 
  5. Hybrid Plan: As the name suggests, Hybrid incorporate the features of two or more MLM plans into a singular and exhaustive new plan. Over the years, a number of direct selling companies are playing smart by incorporating the best of MLM features across plans..
  6. Differential Plan: In the Differential Plan, income is basically the gap between the amount that one qualifies to ean for himself and that which is earned by his down lines. This plan takes the PV/BV(Personal Value/Business Volume) aspects into consideration and is ideally suitable for Product selling companies. 

MLM Software is playing very important role in the success of MLM or direct selling business. We have to consider all facet before buying MLM Software.