01 August 2017

My Affiliate Marketing Journey

Yesterday while delivering affiliate marketing classroom training to our Larn2Earn online batch, one of the participant asked me to narrate my affiliate marketing journey. I thought I have to put one small blog on my affiliate marketing journey & here are some of the throwbacks.

It was 2008, when I have started my affiliate marketing journey. My first Job after completing MBA, as I have joined Hexpress as an affiliate marketing executive for their online pharmacy & lifestyle medication business. Mr Shantanu Karmarker was my boss; he taught me a, b, c of affiliate marketing & shawn Collins of affiliate tips was my online resource to learn affiliate marketing.  

I have learned how to reached out potentials affiliates, how to track affiliate sales, how to manage affiliate pay-outs on affiliate tracking software at my full time job for EuroClinix. Simultaneously I have started creating blogs on blogger & wordpress flatform. Through my affiliate marketing job I have understood which affiliate program to join, what content & offer need to put on blogs etc.

After online pharmacy I have joined online Poker & Casino company , where I was responsible to promote poker affiliate program, that was perfect opportunity for me to hone 360* affiliate marketing skill sets. By the time 2010 I have created more than 10 blogs for pharma & poker affiliate program, my first earning was 120 pound, which encourages me to invest more time to learn more affiliate marketing tactics. As I have moved from my poker affiliate job to Indian BFSI, I have exposed to different affiliate marketing world, were entire affiliate marketing industry run on data marketing. By 2012 all my leading European language domain has come down in the Google natural ranking due to EMD updates. Till time I have manged to earned 28,000 GBP through different affiliate program. 

When I have decided to start my new business in 2014, I have re-initiated my affiliate marketing activity, this time I have decided to start with BFSI affiliate program and Google AdSense, here are some of my earnings from 2016. 

affiliate marketing earning

Google Adsense Earning Pune

Affiliate Payment Through PayPal

Flipkart Affiliate Earning - Sujay Khandge

Few tips for affiliate marketing beginners
  • Start worshiping Goddess Sarswati, Goddess Laxmi will follow you
  • Be patient & focused
  • Concentrated only one niche at a time 
  • Stress on content & natural ranking 
  • Maintain good relationship with affiliate program manager  
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