How I Help

I am a Digital Marketing Speaker, Trainer & Consultant from Pune and I currently own and operate the Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd, Digital Marketing Agency. We help our clients to use the internet to market their businesses online.

How I Help – Organisations

Well, all aspects of helping business owners to maximize their online presence

Conversion Rate Optimization – Different digital properties that convert visitors to customers and generate more revenue.

Online Brand Reputation Management – Helping to maintain a positive company image and promoting the right messages in the right channels (and dealing with negative publicity, quickly and effectively).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – To increase the search engine rankings of our clients' websites, blogs, news sections, youtube channel.

Mobile Marketing – Helping our client to cop up with emerging media, deep understanding about mobile marketing and upcoming trends

Pay Per Click (PPC / Paid Search Advertising) – To bring immediate, qualified visitor traffic to a website, maintain best conversion funnel with targeted ROI.

Email Marketing Campaigns – For long term customer engagement and retention.

Affiliate Marketing – End to end affiliate management program, which include tracking software implementation, affiliate recruitment to transactions.

Social Media Marketing – (using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) to help SMEs find and engage with their target audience.

Website Analytic and Conversion Monitoring – Detailed measurement of a website's performance to understand visitor behavior and goal tracking.

Developing a sustainable Online Marketing strategy requires vision and focus; we take great pride in creating long term relationships with our clients and developing a deep understanding of their business objectives.

How I Help – Individuals & Teams

Learn Strategies That Are Working Today & Tomorrow from doer. 

Change is the only permanent thing in digital marketing and you need to know what’s working today & tomorrow if you’re going to stay competitive.

If you want to know what’s really working, you need to learn from the people who are using the strategies, not just teaching them.

At Digtial Skill, I am not just trainers. I am also passionate researcher, analyst, consultant and most importantly, practitioner. And that means the insight and advice you'll get on one of our training courses will be completely up to date and relevant.

On Sujay Khandge's Training , you'll benefit from:

Best practice advice and up-to-the-minute insight, so you can be confident your learning is at the cutting edge.

A training team always happy to advise on the course or programme that's right for you, right now.
Small, collaborative classes (no more than 6 people).

The opportunity to continue your learning and grow your digital capabilities through our raft of resources.

Specialties: Digital Marketing Consultancy, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing,SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Advertising (PPC), Website Design and Architecture, Content Plans, Targeted Lead Generation, Email Marketing Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management